Helloworld Travel Volleryoos happy after beating Italy

For Australian sports fans winning is just about everything! But there’s one other quality we love and that’s to see our sports stars have a real dig.

If having a “red hot crack” is what you want to see then you need look no further than the Australian Helloworld Travel Mens Volleyroos team who have been getting down and dirty against some of the biggest names and teams in world volleyball over the last four weeks.

The Volleyball Nations League (VNL) is only for the best of the best, Volleyroos Captain Paul Carroll has been an inspirational leader on the court ensuring our boys never take a backwards step against anyone, he says it’s all they know, it’s in the Australian sporting DNA.

“Its the Aussie sporting mentality in general. I play with a lot of Aussies overseas and you see that no matter what, no matter who we play against, we always back ourselves. We just have this competitive drive. Said Carroll.

“I think its a sporting mentality growing up and this loving being the underdog almost being cocky as well talking through the net getting our opponents off balance.”

The Volleyroos have been rattling the cage of the top volleyball nations including Germany and last week in South Korea bowled over world number four and Rio Olympic Silver Medallists, Italy and oh how sweet it was.

The Italians sulked and made plenty of excuses after the loss about being tired and the rest of it but the Aussies say there are no excuses in the VNL every nation is playing under the same conditions.

“That’s just BS in my opinion. All teams are doing a lot of travelling and sure we are all tired, its been tough. The world travel is draining on the body and we aren’t looking for excuses in this final weekend, we actually think being at home this will be to our advantage. The other countries will be tired after five long weeks on the road but we will get energy from our home fans in our home country.” Said Carroll.

The Australians seemingly endless energy can be pointed back to one KEY moment, a turning point which was a marathon second set last week against China (41-39) that saw the Volleyroos prevail. The Chinese were shattered and went on to lose their next match as well where as the Volleyroos grew a foot taller to go on and not only beat China but then Italy in the next match.

“It was physically and mentally quite draining to play a set like that almost two sets in one. I know physically my legs were shot. I couldn’t even celebrate after points. I felt like celebrating but I just physically couldn’t.” Said Carroll.

“There were some incredible plays one defensive play by Libero Luke Perry that basically turned the match. Not often you can say that one point is the difference between winning and losing a match but we defended set point and that took the wind out of them from there we kept it rolling and they couldn’t do much.”

If sport is about momentum and confidence then right now its all with the giant killing Volleyroos who arrived in Melbourne this week super pumped for the ultimate next level challenge against world champions Poland, Olympic champions Brazil and Pan American champions Argentina.

“Its about what we do, its about us as team mates knowing what our role is at any point all we can do is play together like our coach keeps saying its about that belief and now we definitely have it and we just have to keep rolling with it.”said Carroll.

The Volleyroos dont get to play in Australia very often so this is a rare chance for Aussie sports fans to get out and see your Volleyroos playing world class high powered volleyball up close and personal.

“Any sporting fans in Melbourne we really want to see you come out and see us take on Poland, Brazlil and Argentina this weekend at Hisense Arena." said Carroll.

"We are back playing against the number one team in the world Brazil, Pan American champions Argentina and the reigning world champions Poland here in Melbourne so we really need you.” Said Carroll.

Tickets are still available for all matches this weekend through Ticketek.