FIVB World Tour Shepparton, Day One live blog

19:37: That's all for today folks. See you tomorrow for Super Sunday!!

19:35: Germany's Kortzinger/Seyfferth lost the first seven points of the match but came back to beat Australia's Palmer/Ngauano 2-1. On court two, Canada's Gordon/Saxton b Sweden's Lindstrom/Simonsson 2-0. 

18:18 McHugh and Schumann take third set 15-10 over NZ's Kapa/Seymour to progress to the semis. On court two USA's Roberts/Lorenz had a 2-0 win over Japan's Shiratori/Takahashi

18:04: NZ's Kapa and Seymour take the second set against Australia's McHugh and Schumann to force this quarter final into a third set

17:27: Germany's Behrens and Schumacher through to Sunday's semi-finals with a 2-1 win over Australia's del Solar/Kendall

17:07: Australia's Nikki Laird and Phoebe Bell through to Sunday's semi-finals with a 2-0 win over Japan's Suzuki/Ishii. Next door Australia's del Solar/Kendall lead Germany's Behrens/Schumacher 1-0

16:25: Fingers crossed, the live stream is back! Go to our volleyball australia YouTube channel

16:19: Next on centre court it's Australia's Bell and Laird against Japan's Suzuki and Ishii, while on court two it's Australia's Artacho del Solar/Kendall against Germany's Behrens/Schumacher

16:11 An Austrian net touch brings this epic encounter to a close! Australia's Cole Durant and Zac Schubert are into the semi-finals after winning 2-0

16:11 26-all

16:10 25-all

16:09 Can you believe this?? 24-all

16:08 Schubert's serve clips the net, trickles over to give Australia it's first match point after saving three set points. But his next serve goes long and it's 23-all

16:07 22-all

16:06 21-all!!

16:05 It's 20-all Austria v Australia, and the O'Dea brothers have wrapped up their match 2-0

16:03 Austria lead 18-16, O'Dea brothers lead 17-7

16:00: It's 15-15 all Australia/Austria

15:57: Australia's Durant/Schubert trail Austria's Friedl/Skrabel 12-14, while the O'Dea brothers lead Watson/Hartles 14-5 in the second set

1551: It's seven all in the Austria/Australia match-up in the men's quarter final

1546: We've had overheating problems with our live streaming, so we are live blogging the current matches.. Australia's Durant and Schubert lead Austria's Friedl/Skrabel 1 set to 0. On the other court New Zealand's O'Dea brothers have taken the first set 21-19 over fellow New Zealanders Watson/Hartles

15:15: Updates from the last two first round matches - Canada's Gordon/Saxton b NZ's Ruru/Polley 2-0, and Sweden's Lindstrom/Simonsson b NZ's Tilley/Bain 2-1

14:16: Germany's Kortzinger and Seyfferth beat Austria's Strauss sisters 2-1 in a thrilling match on court two.

1402: Great match on court two goes into a third set between Austria's Strauss sisters and Germany's Kortzinger/Seyfferth

13:44: Palmer and Ngauamo have a 2-0 win over fellow Australians Mowen and Link, while on court two Germany's Kortzinger/Seyfferth has taken the first set over Austria's Strauss sisters.

13:12: New Zealand's Kapa and Seymour beat Japan's Hasegawa/Kurasaka 22-20, 21-14

12:56pm: McHugh and Schumann get the job done over fellow Australians Dickson/Anyang 21-13, 21-9

12:51pm: NZ's Kapa/Seymour win a tight opening set 22-20 over Japan's Hasegawa/Kurasaka in a very entertaining opening set

12:22pm: USA's Roberts/Lorenz come from one set down to beat Germany's Karpa/Sievers 22-24, 21-19, 15-11

12:12pm: Japan's Shiratori/Takahashi beat Australia's Poland/Tang 21-11, 21-19. The game between USA and Germany is into a third set

11:52am: It's getting nice and warm here in Shepparton, and the crowd is building up nicely. Japan's Shiratori and Takahashi took first set 21-11 over Australia's Bryce/Poland

11:48am: Germany's Karpa/Sievers take tight first set 24-22 over USA's Roberts/Lorenz

11:25am: Bell/Laird very impressive, beating Japan's Take/Wada 21-14, 21-12

11:07am: Bell/Laird take opening set 21-14 over Japan's Take/Wada

11:04am: Japan's Suzuki/Ishii beat Australia's Bartoli/Jenkins 2-0

10:40am: Kendall/del Solar take the match 21-13, 16-21, 15-7 over fellow Australians Weiler/Battaglene

10:28am: Weiler/Battaglene take 2nd set 21-16 to force the match against Kendall/del Solar into a third set

10:18am: Germany's Behrens/Schumacher take match 21-9, 21-10 over NZ's Quigley/Lindsay-Brown

10:13am: On court two, Germany's Behrens/Schumacher in control over NZ's Quigley/Lindsay-Brown. They took the first set 21-9 and lead 13-8 in the second

10;11: Kendall/Del Solar take first set 21-13 over fellow Australians Battaglene/Weiler 

9:47: Durant and Schubert take the match 21-19, 21-23, 15-12 over USA's McKienzie/ Ratledge

9:37: Austria has taken the match on court two over Australia 2-0

9:29: Big finish to that set for McKienzie/Ratlegdge, take the second 21-13 over Durant/Schubert to force this match into a third set

9:12am: Durant/Schubert take first set 21-19. On court two Austria has taken first set over Australia 21-16

9:02am: We have Australia's Cole Durant and Zachery Schubert taking on USA's David McKienzie and Ed Ratledge. Court two will see Australia's Nicolaidis/Takken v Austria's Friedl/Skrabel

8:50am: The O'Dea brothers take the third set 15-9 over Canada's Kopp/Grabovsky to set up an all New Zealand second round match

8:38" Canada's Kapp/Grabowsky take second set 23-21 over NZ's O'Dea/O'Dea to lock that match at 1-1

8:35: Watson/Hartles take the first match 21-13, 21-10 over Australia's Mann/Stubbersfield

8:15: On court 2 O'Dea and O'Dea have taken first set 21-12, while it's Watson/Hartles taking first set 21-13

8:04: NZ dominating early in the first match over Australia. On the second court it's Canada's Kopp/Grabovsky v NZ's O'Dea/O'Dea

7:55am - We're about to get underway in Shepparton - our first match on live stream will be Australia's Mann/Stubbersfield v NZ's Watson/Hartles..