Edgar and Rourke continue to shine on world stage

Tom Edgar and Rachel Rourke, two of Australian volleyball’s highest achievers, are continuing to make waves in top international competition.

Edgar, who captains the men’s Volleyroos, helped his team, Personal Bolivar, to the Argentinian Presudamericano title on the weekend, which qualifies the team for the South American Championships next month.

Personal Bolivar won the semi-final 3-0, with Edgar clocking up 19 points and three aces, and then won the final 3-1, Edgar notching 21 points, an ace, and a very handy four blocks.

In China, Rourke’s Sichuan Institute Sports Skills lost 1-3, but is through to the semi-finals of the Chinese league. Rourke, the former women’s Volleyroos captain, continued her incredible point-scoring spree, grabbing 27 points.

Paul Carroll and Luke Perry look set for a big finish to their season with German team, SCC Berlin, with the team posting a 3-0 win in the Champions League midweek, and then following up with a 3-0 win in the league on Sunday.

Aidan Zingel’s Blu Volley Verona in Italy had a 3-1 win, with the former Volleyroo captain scoring eight points and an ace.

Several Australians were involved in CEV Cup action midweek, as the competition gets down to the final 16 teams.

Sam Walker made the most of extended court time with his Belgian club, Lennik, helping his team to a 3-0 return-leg win, finishing with 18 points and three blocks. He followed up on Sunday with another nine points and another three blocks in another 3-0 win.

Tom Douglas-Powell’s Belgian club, Antwerp, lost 1-3 and then unfortunately lost the golden set, with Douglas-Powell finishing with eight points and an ace. Antwerp also lost their league match, 1-3, on Sunday.

Mitch Tulley at Rhein Main Frankfurt in Germany had a 3-0 win, with the Australian finishing with five points and two aces.

Jake Guymer’s Finnish club, VaLePa, also tasted CEV Cup victory, winning 3-0 and picking up ten points and three blocks. His team also enjoyed 3-2 and 3-1 wins in the league on the weekend.

The Finnish club of Harry Peacock and Luke Smith, Hurrikani Loimaa, was not as fortunate, losing their CEV Cup match 0-3, but they bounced back to win their league match 3-2 on Sunday.

Adam White is enjoying a strong season in France with VB Tours, including a 3-1 win in the CEV Cup on Wednesday, grabbing 11 points, and then following up with a 3-0 win in the league and another 13 points.

In non-CEV Cup results, Libertas Cantu in Italy, the home of Jordan Richards, had a 3-2 win, with the Australian finishing with 22 points and two aces while in Greece, Beau Graham’s Pamvohaikos had a 0-3 loss.

Arash Dosanjh and his Finnish club, Team Lakkappa, had a 1-3, 3-1 result on the weekend, and Sam Boehm picked up 22 points in a 1-3 loss with his Czech Republic team, Sk Volejbal Asti Labem.

In Sweden, Simon Hone and Jordan Power were both in action with Vingaker, enjoying a 3-1 win. Power finished with 16 points and four aces, while Hone had ten points and two blocks.

Kosma Smiechowski, playing for Sollentuna in Sweden, picked up 21 and 19 points respectively in his team’s two 3-1 wins

Trent O’Dea also had a 3-0 win with Swedish club, Orkejllunga, finishing with six points and two blocks, while Carsten Moeller at Sodertelge had a 0-3, 1-3 loss.

In the US, Tom Hodges had two strong games for UC Irvine. In the first, a 3-2 win, he picked up 19 points with two aces and two blocks, while in a 1-3 loss he had 23 points.

Several Australians are playing in the Canadian University League, with Matt Aubrey and Conal McAinsh at Regina losing 0-3 and 1-3 on the weekend. Aubrey finished with 11 and 14 points, while McAinsh returned five and ten points.

Alex McMullin and Chris Morrow are at Alberta, and they enjoyed a 3-2, 3-0 double. McMullin had 13 and eight points respectively.

At Brandon, James Weir and Elliott Viles enjoyed a 3-1, 3-0 double. Weir picked up 12 and ten points, Viles 15 and 11 points.

At Calgary, Curtis Stockton had 14 and 18 points in a 0-3, 1-3 losing double, while Sam Brisbane’s Mount Royal lost 0-3, 2-3.

Among our women Volleyroos, Katarina Osadchuk and her LKS Lodz team in Poland had a 0-3 loss, with the Australian picking up three points and two blocks.

Beth Carey’s Suhl in Germany had a 0-3 loss.